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Key generation

You can use one of the following methods to generate you private+public key pair:

1) generating the key directly in the rsync backup for Android application

Select "Generate keys" from menu and follow instructions. Private key will be saved to /sdcard/dss_key, public key will be saved to /sdcard/ and sent to you using preferred method.

Check out the Guysoft's weblog for tutorial with screenshots.

2) using dropbearkey tool

dropbearkey program is distributed in dropbear package (at least in Debian/Ubuntu). If your *nix distribution doesn't have packaged dropbear, you can obtain sources here:

To generate your key, you should run:

dropbearkey -t dss -f dss_key

Your output should look like that:

Will output 1024 bit dss secret key to 'dss_key'
Generating key, this may take a while...
Public key portion is:
ssh-dss AAAAB3NzaC1kc3MAAACBAO54x8/XT0unnG1GUKmRi0Qy4a3kW54nBOzopEXstekcUHxnVOBr
u4H66+NeKORBQhA9Mt60OdcMTlQ== android@bender
Fingerprint: md5 30:f1:a4:9e:8e:17:a1:6e:09:78:d9:6f:42:c6:8a:88

You should paste line that begins with "ssh-dss" and ends with "android@bender" (note this is a single line) to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file in your backup user's home directory on the server which will receive rsync data.

3) using dropbearconvert to convert openssh key

Assuming you have generated your key using ssh-keygen (and that it's stored in ~/.ssh/id_dsa, you can convert it to dropbear format by running:

/usr/lib/dropbear/dropbearconvert openssh dropbear ~/.ssh/id_dsa ~/dss_key


Key is a DSS key
Wrote key to '/home/android/dss_key'

Please remember to include your public key (~/.ssh/ in your ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file and to transfer generated dss_key to your Android device. You can do it in a standard way, (mounting your SD card, using "adb push", send via Dropbox, etc.) After that you can choose it when configuring rsync backup for Android's profile.


You can install rsync backup for Android in one of these ways:

OI File Manager

In order to use "Browse" buttons when configuring profile you will need to install OpenIntents File Manager. You can download it for free from Android Market or from the OpenIntents webpage (+ OI Update for updates).
Please note that you don't need to install it to properly configure a profile, but in that case you will have to manually provide required paths.

Locale/Tasker/Llama integration

You can run one of your configured rsync backup for Android profiles as an action in Locale and Tasker (look under plug-ins).

Remote Notifier notifications

Profiles can be configured to send finish notification using Remote Notifier. For more information please visit project's webpage. Please make sure that Remote Notifier's test notification is properly displayed and that you allowed to send and receive third-party events in Remote Notification's settings.

Development support

You can support further development of rsync backup for Android by:

Legal notice

rsync backup for Android uses rsync binary compiled using Android NDK toolchain from the following source code: (forked from dylex/android_external_rsync).


version 1.6.1 (12 Apr 2011)

version 1.6 (11 Apr 2011)

version 1.5 (14 Dec 2010)

version 1.4 (10 Dec 2010)

version 1.3.1 (8 Dec 2010)

version 1.3 (4 Dec 2010)

version 1.2 (29 Nov 2010)

version 1.1 (28 Nov 2010)

version 1.0 (25 Nov 2010)